| 14 May, 2019 18:24

Time has past since I typed on this page. I have been busy painting, working on my holiday cards, my art show and when the weather is kind painting plein air. I forged out in the cold this winter and created my first plein air oil snow scene, of trees and a nearby pond. it was cold and the sun was fleeting, but I painted my long shadows first and melded the snow around the shadows. I came away with a small painting on a very cold day. I do prefer painting in the warm weather, however I was pleased I painted a snow scene that I wanted to do for a while. The weather is getting warmer I will be painting more plein air even if it means a study of clouds on a rainy day under my porch. Meanwhile in my studio, I am working on a watercolor floral. I am really pushing the dark greens of the leaves to obtain the darks of the back ground shadows. I have had a plan to keep accurate swatches of my colors, by writing the mix of colors next to the color. I then tape them in my sketch book, for further reference. Looking forward to going out to paint this week. Hope the sun will join me and the shadows will "follow."


| 09 January, 2018 17:54

Hello 2018, a new year has begun already projects and paintings are swimming in my head.  Looking back at the 2017 year in summary, plein air paintings, studio watercolors and Holiday cards were created.  Also workshops were attended.  However, I was amiss in my journal for my website. But I was given a go ahead to write for my art club's site about my plein air summer.

So I will start fresh for 2018 and be a bit more deligent in keeping up with my journal and news.  In the meantime here is the art from my holiday card to wish you a very Good and creative year ahead. 


                                           Poinsettia 2017 copywrite by Christine Verga Maday

                                                   Watercolor and glitter on watercolor paper.

Sketch Pad Blog Oct 2016

| 29 October, 2016 14:21

Wow it has been a busy summer! Out painting on location and attending art conferences, and entering shows. One of the events I was selected for and participated in was  the Oyster Bay Histoical Plein Air event at Sagamore Hill, Sponsered by The Teaching Studios.  25 artists were selected to paint plein air at Sagamore Hill park in Oyster Bay.  The first day was glorious and I painted a 8"x10" oil of the outgoing tide at Eel Creek. The winding creeks and salt marsh was my inspiration for this painting.  The second day was cold and damp so I found a place under a tent and painted what inspired me in that area.  It was the back of the house and a tree on a sloping hill.  The the green lawn and foliage surounded the red house, of Teddy Roosevelt was my inspiration the second day.

One painting was choosen by the judge and it was my first day, the creek painting. The chosen paintings are on exhibit at the Oyster Bay Historical Society on LI.  A beautiful show was created for the plein air event from the inspiration of the grounds at "Teddy's House."

Sketchpad Blog May 24, 2016

| 24 May, 2016 17:39

Art has been keeping me busy indoors and the nice weather will keep me even busier outdoors.  May started my plein air quest painting outdoors at the bays and gardens. I worked on a salt water marsh creek it was very sunny so the colors were a little washed out by the time I got the painting home.  I was not completly satisfied with it.  I had taken a few photos of Egrets for reference at the creek and I did something I usually do not do, work on a plein air after I leave the place.  I painted the Egret into the scene and it immediately brought me into the scene.  I brightened the colors a little and I was much happier with the piece.I will be working on a sky scene next week. (with or without birds)

Sketch Pad Blog February 16 2015 Latest Painting News

| 16 February, 2015 16:28

Taking a moment to catch up with my overdue blog.  I was selected for the Oyster Bay Historical Society Plein Air and The Teaching Studios event in Sept 2014. I painted for 2 wonderfull sunny days at Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay.  My first day I painted and oil scene of Sea Grass and the second day a view of the bay.  The Sea Grass Painting was selected for the exhibit at the gallery. 

The holidays krept up fast. putting my large watercolor on hold, I worked on my Holiday card designs. A small diecut pine tree that folded up. Glitter, glue, and paint and many hours later and whala 50 original cards to send.

In between the holidays and the large watercolor, I have painted a few plein air paintings in both oil and watercolor.

Presently I continue to work on my 30"x22" watercolor of fruit.  A lot of challenges in this piece both creatively and technically, as I plan to enter a few shows with this painting.

Sketch Pad Blog June 13-15 2014 Long Island Plein Air Event

| 02 July, 2014 10:36

Selected for the juried 7th Annual Plein Air Painting Event sponsored by NAC and the LaMantia Gallery in Northport was a very pleasant experience to starting the kick off of the summer painting season.  Although the first day was a down pour of rain and foggy I managed to paint a moody, foggy serene oil scene of the harbor.  Noticing gray was the color of the day, my painting reflected, pinks, purples, blues and yellows in that gray. Extracting the very pale shades of color was intense.  Struggling with the rain and elements I was pleased with the challenge of the day. And the painting "Northport Gray" quietly hung in the  LaMantia gallery in the Northport village.

The second day redeemed itself with sun and clarity, as I worked on a fishing boat scene tied to a dock. Lots of passabuyers had lots of questions and compliments. And they were much appreciated......and so was the sun for that day!

Sketch Pad Blog # 6 Plein Air Competition Day 2

| 08 November, 2013 20:12

In my last post I mentioned I would describe how my second day of my first Plein Air Competion went.  Thank goodness the sun joined me on my painting outing.  I walked around till I found a view that comunicated light and color to me and a spot that would describe the place and day.  I found an arbor gate that invited my brush to come inside the court yard while I stayed out side the gate and painting the light.  I studied the heat of the bricks with warm and cool colors.  The coolness of the day was reflected in the blues and greens of the leaves. The shadows sparkled on the pale stone gravel. I pushed to finish the painting and I even had time to watch the demo. This was the painting "Arbor Gate" that was picked for the show to be on exhbit for 2 months.  I was pleased with the piece and glad I returned the next day and completed a piece I was proud of.  Even though I was thinking about not participating for the last day of the competition the night before. 

Keep Painting!

Sketch Pad Blog # 5 Plein air Competition

| 15 August, 2013 16:26

I participated in my first juried plein air competition this past weekend.  I read about the events all the time in magazines and I thought to get my "paints wet" I would enter one this summer.

I submitted 3 oil paintings of local scenes.  I was happy to learn my painitings and me were accepted to my first Plein Air competition. Only about 30 artists were accepted.

The event took place at the Planting Fields Aboretum in Oyster Bay. The day was cloudy and overcast.  The threat of rain was on our shoulders at every minute.  I choose a little pink children's play house with lots of flowers and a curved roof.  I sketched in the scene with yellow orchre and a small filbert brush, and proceeded to paint, the colors were matched  and mixed very close. (but struggled with windows) By afternoon the sky turned to grey and a downpor cameith.  My oil painting turned into a "watercolor".  Quickly I scampered to mop up the rain in my pochard box. And close my painting up in the box.  Threw on a slicker.  Luckily I was almost finished.  That was my first day of the competition.  Next time my second day.

Sketch Pad Blog # 4

| 01 March, 2013 16:30

Taking time out from my paintings and sketches to work on my hand made and designed Holiday Cards, a limited edition of 50 designs, not to be repeated again.  This year a watercolor wreath cutout and attached with a red glitter ribbon to a folded card.  Embellished with red berry glitter and lots of watercolor texture with a fan brush.

After the "holidaze" were over I started working on oil light studies indoors of fruit and food .  I set up a strong back lit photo light with a natural bulb.  I work on a small canvas board 6"x6" or 8"x10".

When working on a chocolate pie slice, I kept adjusting my drawing, the triangle was not quite correct.  I then realized the pie was melting from the hot spot light.

Paint and learn! Every painting is a challenge.


SketchPad blog # 3 Plein Air 2

| 01 September, 2012 16:51

Ah, sadly the summer is drawing to a close, I could smell fall in the air about 2 weeks ago.  The weather begs to differ with a 90' temperature for the last 2 days.

For me this means a little less plein air painting.  So far I have painted 7 small 8"x6" little oil paintings and about a dozen little watercolors this sumer.

My last oil painting was attempted on the beach with a dune scene. I say attempted because the green flys were fiece.  I think the oil paint and the smell of the linseed oil spelled out a party to  them.  Even bug repellent did not work.  So I took a walk on the beach and then packed up.  Not pleased with my painting I worked a little more on it when I arrived home.  I painted in the sunlight under an umbrella.

I usually complete my plein air painting on site and do not like to work on it away from the scene, but this was a serious confrontation with the bugs. One I would have lost if I had stayed and painted.  However I managed to pull the painting together and will ad it to my collection.

# 2 New Plein Air Oil Paintings

| 02 July, 2012 15:59

Well the stella sunny weather has arrived, and that can only mean, outdoor paintings.  This past week I completed 2 little 8"x6" oil paintings, one at the bay and one at the ocean.

The bay day arrived first the wind kept the bugs away but played havic with the umbrella. Soooo down the umbrella came down.  I tilted my paint box to avoid direct sun instead.  I painted a small sand dune/marsh beach scene, the shadows were somewhere in between a grey/violet/green.  I feel I caught the light and darks of the day.

On my second day at the beach, I sat with my pochard box on my lap holding the umbrella since it was a very windy day.  Inspite of the wind I managed to complete a wave/rock/sand painting. I was pleased when I finally caught the motion of the waves hitting the shore and the foam bathing the sand.

Two more little paintings to add to my show next year.

By the way my large watercolor is still sitting on my drawing table. The light of the days just won over the watercolor.

Sketch Pad Blog # 1

| 24 May, 2012 13:07

Hi this is my first Sketch Pad Blog May 24 2012.

The day is very humid not a day for watercolor painting, so I chose to write this blog.

I have been working on a large full sheet floral watercolor since last Oct.  in between I completed plein air oil painting, designs and smaller watercolors.  I have also exhibited 14 plein air oil paintings during the month of April.

Yet the large watercolor is still on my drawing table, some major decisions need to be made, one was made last week and thankfully successfully, I need to un freeze myself by just diving in.

Sooooo next week I will be at the end of my diving board looking at my drawing board.